About Us


Founded in 2002, ORANGESQUARE is a luxury fashion house specialised in haute couture menswear that spans beyond the parapet of convention and redefines sartorial elegance with its diverse collections, which are meticulously tailored to fit for modern consumption. Our brand is renowned for its distinct aversion to fast fashion; we make our fashion statement with our own trends that steer clear from disposable garments and ephemeral trends.

Uniquely Intriguing

ORANGESQUARE has anchored its specialization from the outset in occasion wear, offering eclectic garments known for being progressive as well as timeless, and designed to turn heads in extravagant evening events of all kinds. That said, our team of handpicked tailors are the pinnacle of sartorial craftsmanship, which goes hand-in-hand with their understanding of our customers’ unique demands and their ability to render said demands into apparel that exceeds expectations.

The Original

Our brand identity stands to its name. While Orange reflects our revolutionary pragmatism, Square stands for our sharp masculine signature style. Ever since our launch, we’ve circumvented the workaday of traditional tailoring and instead utilize a more contemporary approach that caters to everyone with an affinity for luxury. Our edge is paying attention to the smallest details and intricacies that seamlessly integrate with the overall aura of our apparel.