Founded in 2002, ORANGESQUARE is a luxury fashion house specialised in haute couture menswear that spans beyond the parapet of convention and redefines sartorial elegance with its diverse collections, which are meticulously tailored to fit for modern consumption. Our brand is renowned for its distinct aversion to fast fashion; we make our fashion statement with our own trends that steer clear from disposable garments and ephemeral trends.

Our brand identity stands to its name. While Orange reflects our revolutionary pragmatism, Square stands for our sharp masculine signature style. Ever since our launch, we’ve circumvented the workaday of traditional tailoring and instead utlise a more contemporary approach that caters to everyone with an affinity for luxury. Our edge is paying attention to the smallest details and intricacies that seamlessly integrate with the overall aura of our apparel.

ORANGESQUARE has anchored its specialisation from the outset in occasionwear, offering eclectic garments known for being progressive as well as timeless, and designed to turn heads in extravagant evening events of all kinds. That said, our team of handpicked tailors are the pinnacle of sartorial craftsmanship, which goes hand-in-hand with their understanding of our customers’ unique demands and their ability to render said demands into apparel that exceeds expectations.

Amalgamating Fashion with Function

Revolutionizing men’s occasionwear doesn’t just stop at the outer appearance of our apparel. One of our edges is coalescing quality with comfort to create attire that both looks sumptuous and feels weightless.

Our Philosophy

Staying in vogue requires a buttoned-up wardrobe of state-of-the-art occasionwear. While our contemporaries may compete on price, our focus is on outstanding quality and an unfailing eye for the particulars that make our brand overcome conceptual limitations.

Pure Wool Suits

Our suits and tuxedoes are made from pure merino wool, which is known for its natural breathability in both cold and warm weather; it’s also insulating, waterproof and extremely durable. Pure virgin wool, which is completely free of impurities, makes up more than 70% of our apparel, giving it the superior quality that it’s known for. We also incorporate long staple Egyptian cotton, which is treated in Europe before it’s imported back to us to ensure supreme quality.

Luxury Shoes

Our shoes are made of 100% pure leather, which permeates the anatomy of the shoe inside and out, including the soles. This makes the shoes feather-light as well as lavish. While the breathable leather entirely embraces your feet for maximum comfort, the top-notch material looks powerfully elegant and boasts durability.


Made for Stars

Our signature sprezzatura is one of the many elements that render our brand special, making it akin to a stamp that creates stars out of its wearers. ORANGESQUARE is more than just a luxury brand that you can show off on the red carpet and sumptuous events, it’s more of a tailored lifestyle that grows on you the moment you try it for the first time.

Timeless Haute Couture

Because we understand there’s a fine line between elegant unconventional attire and tawdry disposable fashion, we tend to eschew unorthodox styles that solely rely on ostentatiousness. We nonetheless proudly consider ourselves a nonconformist fashion house compared to our contemporaries, based on our prioritization of quality and taste, rather than a compelling price tag, and this is complemented with our unique flavour that our customers fly from across the globe to taste.



A cornerstone of celebrity fashion.

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